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Mad for Plaid | The Tartan Trend

While there’s nothing new about Tartan plaid (it’s been around for centuries), the way in which you wear the print is what’s new right now. No longer reserved for kilts and preppy schoolgirl uniforms, Tartan is one of those go-to prints when you want a look that’s a little more punkish.

Gwen Sefani and Rita Ora (who obviously takes style cues from Gwen) come to mind when I think about a fresh take on the trend:

Tartan-Plaid-TrendPaired with neutrals + the classic bold red lip, the looks are still pretty but not too done up.

You have so many options: blazers, dresses, jackets, pants-how comfortable you are with the print will determine if it will make the statement or serve as the accent piece, like here with Ashley, Cara, Rihanna, and Emma:


If you’re new to it, just decide how you want to wear it: select your focal point (skirt, pants or top) and then build around it. It’s easiest to ground it with black or white. Here are the 3 easiest styles to choose from:

girlie, tomboy, or street (style):

Still need some inspiration? Here a few pieces that’ll add a little punk to your wardrobe:
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