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Product Review | Nail Star Two-Way Nail Art Pen + Brush Set

Nail Art + Design is a HUGE trend right now. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t see a picture on Instagram or read an article on new designs to try for your nails.

I’ve never been into the designs on myself (I love the looks but I’m more of a 2 coat solid color kinda gal) but when I *received a sample set of Nail Star’s Two-Way Pen + Brushes from TMart, I thought, why not? There are 24 colors in the pack, including a few metallics.20131126-123850.jpg

So, let me first be honest: my design skills are kinda terrible lol. I do have some artistic capabilities, but because I never do art on my nails, it was a bit of a struggle for me to come up with some different designs off top. I settled for polkadots, stripes, and a cross.

So that I could show you different colors and “designs”, I did a different look on each finger.


While I need to work a bit on my skills, the product itself is pretty good. 24 colors are a LOT to choose from, and it dries pretty quickly. The brushes are really thin, and the formula’s consistency isn’t too thick, so you’re not stuck with a huge glob of proudcuts on your nails.


Of note: I did not use these as a base color- the brushes are too small for that and it would be hell trying to cover your entire nailbed. I used colors from Revlon, Wet n Wild, Essence, and NYC.


Whether or not you are skilled at nail art design, using these will be a breeze. It’s a good product at a really affordable price ($15). You can use on both natural + acrylic nails, and if you apply a topcoat every other day, you shouldn’t experience too much chipping. Plus, if you mess up a nail, it comes off without stripping the entire nail (which is awesome if you’re in a hurry).

I definitely suggest reading a nail book and/or practicing before you apply so that you’ll have an idea of what you want to create. Catherine Rodgers of Totally Cool Nails has a good DIY book with step-by-step instructions).


As you can seen from my picture, I wasn’t very creative lol-though I will incorporate the metallic polkadots and the cross into my regular manicures bc they aren’t complicated and will look cute no matter how you apply or what colors you use.

To order Nail Star’s Two-Way Nail Pen + Brush Set, click here.

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