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#PhotoFun | Our Tartan Tales

Last week my friend and budding seamstress Andrea Fenise and I decided to get together and play around with my camera and snap a few pics of a new tartan skirt that she recently finished for her Etsy Store. She wanted to style it 3 different ways to show its versatility, and because I’m trying to get better with my photography, we thought, why not?


The first look she styled was for work. She mixed prints (leopard and polkadots), but because black is the foundation color, it tied it all together and worked.

We initially shot inside, but because I love natural light we decided to brave the cold and go outside. She’s freezing in these pics but she’s a trooper lol.

Andrea-Fenise-KP-FUSION-Tartan-Tale-7 - Edited Andrea-Fenise-KP-FUSION-Tartan-Tale-8 - Edited Andrea-Fenise-KP-FUSION-Tartan-Tale-9 - Edited

For the 2nd look, she wanted make it for night and rock it out a bit, so she switched to a crop top, ripped leggings + booties, edgier accessories, and topped it with a sick leopard coat (though for those that want to keep it more tame can opt for a leather moto jacket instead).

Andrea-Fenise-KP-FUSION-Tartan-Tale-10 - Edited


For the last look, she wanted it to be more tomboyish, so she paired it with a screenprinted tee, chucks, and a playful strand of pearls. She also added a leather +tartan accented blazer, just to play around with her silhouette.

Andrea-Fenise-KP-FUSION-Tartan-Tale-12 - Edited Andrea-Fenise-KP-FUSION-Tartan-Tale-13 - Edited

I’m trying to find different ways to shoot accessories, so I snapped a few pics of the accessories she used.



For those that are thinking about personal style blogging, we shot these outside around 3:30 pm, so the sun was bright but not harsh. Keep the time of day in mind (and the “mood” you want to go with) before you head out to shoot. Also, I don’t have Photoshop right now (my laptop died and I’m using an app for my Chromebook that mimics Photoshop’s basics) and did minimum editing. I adjusted the Levels + Curves to warm up her skin a little bit but that’s it. Shoot slightly underexposed so that you can still have some depth in the sun. I cannot wait til I get a new laptop bc while the Chromebook works for right now, Photoshop has SO many more capabilities.

Also, I shot with autofocus with most of them but I’m going to work on getting better at manual bc I can see a few things that could have been a liiiittle bit crisper. Once I can master that, I’m going to invest in a better lens (I’m using the factory lens).

All in all we had SO much fun. Now that I know how to operate my camera better, over the next few weeks we’re going to be getting together when we have a chance so that I can improve my skills so stay tuned for those!

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