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BTS| Bookmarks byAndreaFenise

When Andrea and I first started our #PhotoFun Series, we talked about updating her images for many of her Etsy Store pieces. We’d briefly discussed what she would want to do for her bookmarks down the line, but when the opportunity came for her to pitch to two retailers, we put a rush on things.


Because she also creates interior pieces, we knew we wanted to something that felt “home-y”. While it’s sometimes easier to to do a photoshoot in a studio, us creating a “set” in her home just felt more authentic to her and her brand. Plus she gets great natural light in her house so we moved around some furniture and did a bit of staging:

Andrea-Fenise-bookmark-promo8 Andrea-Fenise-Bookmark-Promo3

Andrea also trusted me with wardrobe and makeup. I pulled a few options from Langford Market Memphis, but the clear winner was the watercolor floral print peplum dress. It fit her to a T, and it went along perfectly with her branding. I paired it with a statement necklace, earrings and layered chain bracelets; in every day life we would’ve removed one thing, but because it was for a photo we did more than the usual to make sure it popped. Soft makeup with a berry lipcolor completed the look.

Andrea-Fenise-Bookmark-Promo5 Andrea-FEnise-Bookmark-Promo-6

We tried a few different angles, and this was the final shot:


This was so much fun to do, and I am glad that I was a part of her journey. If you’d like to purchase your own set of Bookmarks byAndreaFenise, they’re available in the Booksellers in Laurelwood, Burke’s Books in Cooper-Young, and via her Etsy Store.

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