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#PhotoFun The Makings of an OOTD Post

Many people believe that doing an OOTD post is easy-peasy. You put on an outfit, snap a quick pic and voila! You’re done. But au contraire, mon frère, it takes a liiiitle bit more than that!


What are you going to wear? How many looks do you want to shoot? What accessories do you want to pair together? When I worked with Andrea to shoot a new piece for her Etsy store, these were the first decisions to be made. She works as stylist periodically, so prepping for this was like prepping for a “real” photoshoot.

Andrea-Sequins-Croptops24 Andrea-Sequins-Croptops22


Andrea doesn’t wear heavy makeup so as usual, we kept it simple. Clean skin, defined brows, and a little color on the lips to the keep the look from being flat. It worked well with her soft curls.

Andrea-Sequins-Croptops-Outtakes2 Andrea-Sequins-Croptops-Outtakes3

Taking a silly selfie while she takes a selfie #classic


With her looks set and beautiful weather, we decided to venture downtown to shoot them. One of the reasons I like shooting outside so much is, not only is natural light the best, BUT, depending on where you turn or what angle you shoot, it can look like you’re on location throughout your city/state. We shot these within a one mile radius.

Andrea-Sequins-Croptops Andrea-Sequins-Croptops6 Andrea-Sequins-Croptops7 Andrea-Sequins-Croptops13 Andrea-Sequins-Croptops19 Andrea-Sequins-Croptops25

We were very happy with how the shots turned out and had so much fun!

So next time you’re planning to do an OOTD post, plan it out a little bit more. I promise it’ll be worth it!

If you do OOTD posts, where’s your favorite place to shoot?

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