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Beauty Buy | NYX Makeup Setting Spray

I never would’ve thought I’d like using a setting spray but I’m absolutely obsessed with NYX’s Makeup Setting Spray ($8). It comes in 2 finishes (Dewy + Matte) and is my go-to finishing product now.


I have combination skin, so before I had to limit how much moisturizer I used before I applied a primer because my foundation would still fade away after about 3 hours. I set it with powder but I prefer the look of dewy skin, so I was elated when their Dewy Finish formula worked perfectly with my matte primer. It’s lightweight, scent free, and all you need is 1 or 2 sprays to get your makeup to stay put. If you put too much on, you can just blot w/tissue and it won’t move your makeup around. Combined with my highlighter in my high points, my skins look radiant and glowy, which I love.

I’m going to pick up the matte formula for Summer just to be safe (I don’t want to look sweaty), but this has definitely become one of my holy grail products. I’ve even used this in place of primer under my foundation and though not quite as long lasting, it still extended its wear better than if I’d had nothing on at all.

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