Quick Tips to Channel Your Inner Olsen

This season, I wanna go Olsen.

Like just about everyone else in the world, I’ve been obsessed with Mary-Kate + Ashley Olsen’s personal style for years. Gossip mags used to focus on the “crazier” hobo-chic looks they wore while out and about in NY, but over the last few years, (I dare say since they launched The Row), they’ve streamlined their looks and drifted over into the “effortless” side of fashion: never overdone but always high on style.


While they’re not completely minimalistic in their approach, I have noticed a few recurring themes in their looks that I’m going to take cues from:

  • In place of the Venti Starbucks cup of their youth is a larger statement bag.


mary-kate-ashley-olsen-style-2014 ashley-olsen-maxi-skirt-black-tee-leather-jacket Olsen-twins-chunky-knits-leather-jacket-street-style

Invest in a good bag that will get you through the season. While it doesn’t have to be as massive as some of theirs, get one that will hold your essentials like an iPad or planner, but won’t take away from your outfit.

  • They tend to shy away from prints and stick with neutrals with the occasional pop of color.



Easiest style trick in the book. Build a foundation wardrobe of quality staples in mix-and-match neutrals with accent colors sprinkled throughout. It treads near minimalism, BUT you don’t have to be that extreme. It just helps you get more bang for your buck.

  • Textures make special appearances (chunky knits, leather silk, and lace are faves), and their statement shoes and accessories truly complete their looks.





Lace, cashmere, silk, leather: depending on the season, they’re classic pieces every wardrobe should have. Keep the cuts modern so that you don’t look like you’re going to a costume party.

When it comes to your jewelry and shoes, make every piece count. A simple outfit (see last photo above) can easily go edgy or really feminine depending on what you accent it with.

  • They play with their silhouettes, but they’re much more streamlined than before.


ashley-olsen-tuxedo-jacket Ashley-Olsen-black-denim-blue-shirt

Fit is key. Period. You can try different styles out (I’m looking to invest in some maxi skirts this season which could be scary considering my height, but they graze the ground and I go down a size to get rid of bulk), but make sure they fit your frame properly. You can do a relaxed chino, so long as they aren’t baggy or super long. If you can’t do straight off the rack, find a good tailor that will work wonders on your clothes.

Are you a fan of the Olsen’s style? What’s a takeaway for you? Comment below!

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