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Snapshots | Red Velvet Vintage Grand Opening

Last Friday I headed downtown to attend the grand opening of Red Velvet Vintage, a new retro-inspired women’s boutique located a 509 S. Main Street. The sister store to Crazy Beautiful, it’s setting itself up to be a premier destination for women who love that bombshell, rockabilly style.


Held during Trolley Night, the street was abuzz with people (and they have such a diverse clientele), so I was able to act as a fly on a (fashionable) wall and capture people mingling, laughing, and most importantly SHOPPING!

Red-Velvet-Vintage-Boutique-Grand-Opening-KPFUSION-10 Red-Velvet-Vintage-Boutique-Grand-Opening-KPFUSION-11

Red-Velvet-Vintage-Boutique-Grand-Opening-KPFUSION-5 Red-Velvet-Vintage-Boutique-Grand-Opening-KPFUSION-13 Red-Velvet-Vintage-Boutique-Grand-Opening-KPFUSION-15 Red-Velvet-Vintage-Boutique-Grand-Opening-KPFUSION-14

Gorgeous Vera (she’s the store manager) sold this dress-women LOVED it!


Hearing the Side Street Steppers perform during the night was such a treat. Every time I heard a song I was familiar with, I got a little giddy. They do a fantastic cover of Mae West’s A Guy What Takes His Time (If you’ve ever seen Burlesque, XTina performs this).

Red-Velvet-Vintage-Boutique-Grand-Opening-KPFUSION-9 Red-Velvet-Vintage-Boutique-Grand-Opening-KPFUSION-12


Red-Velvet-Vintage-Boutique-Grand-Opening-KPFUSION Red-Velvet-Vintage-Boutique-Grand-Opening-KPFUSION-3 Red-Velvet-Vintage-Boutique-Grand-Opening-KPFUSION-4 Red-Velvet-Vintage-Boutique-Grand-Opening-KPFUSION-2I picked up these earrings that night; I just have to decide if I’m going to keep them for myself or use them in a shoot!

Red-Velvet-Vintage-Boutique-Grand-Opening-KPFUSION-18 Red-Velvet-Vintage-Boutique-Grand-Opening-KPFUSION-19

Seeing people support local businesses always warms my soul. To keep up with Red Velvet Vintage, follow them on Facebook and go by the store to say hi!

Red Velvet Vintage
509 S. Main Street
Memphis, TN 38103
(901) 428-8569

Tue – Sat | 10am-8pm
Sun | 12pm-5pm

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  • Chad

    Thanks for coming out to our event and documenting it on your blog! … I would love to use a couple of your shots on our google listing. Email me when you have a sec. Thx – C

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