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#iDie: Christian Siriano Resort 2015 Collection

Every once in a while, a designer will release a collection that seriously knocks me off my feet. The colors, silhouettes, and overall presentation will draw me in and and make my heart burst with excitement because, dammit, it’s just too good! When this happens, I know that I’m experiencing a true “moment” in fashion.

Such is the case with Christian Siriano’s Resort 2015 Collection. Inspired by artwork created by Charleston-based painter Teil Duncan, Siriano’s unbelievably intense yet wearable collection is so well done it hurts. In a time where minimalism is at the forefront for just about everyone, his electric hued collection truly stands out. The impeccably tailored pieces are an ode to 60’s ¬†elegance, but are still oh so modern.

My instant faves:

Christian-Siriano-Resort-2015-3 Christian-Siriano-Resort-2015-4 Christian-Siriano-Resort-2015-8 Christian-Siriano-Resort-2015-10 Christian-Siriano-Resort-2015-12 Christian-Siriano-Resort-2015-23 Christian-Siriano-Resort-2015-31

Below is the full gallery. I cannot wait to see these on the red carpet!

Do you die? What’s your favorite from the collection? Comment below!

photos: style.com
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