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Style File | Decor Accent Pieces Under $100

The moment you start planning to have guests over for a fun gathering at your home, it’s inevitable that you’ll want to refurnish your entire apartment. Unless you’ve had a bag of money fall into your lap, a complete overhaul probably isn’t gonna happen, but if you do have a little extra money budgeted for decor, in addition to adding some fresh flower arrangements to the mix, you can quickly update your pad with a few accent pieces.

Pictures, pillows, mirrors, candle holders, serving trays: switching out these items for a different color or shape can instantly make your abode feel like new. Just take stock of what you have at home, think about which colors will work with your current color palette and then head to your favorite stores. It doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy, but the colors, finishes, and shapes should compliment each other.

What’s the easiest way you update your decor?

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