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I’ve been wanting to redecorate my apartment a little longer than I care to admit, but I’ve been in a design rut. I peruse Pinterest and decor mags and sites all the time, and while I see SOOO much stuff that I like, narrowing down what my true “home style” is has been hard. On one hand, I love super contemporary colors and accent pieces (I’m determined to have a gray wall at some point), but on the other, I love comfort and a lived in look. I’ve never wanted to live in a museum, and I also don’t want anything too girly (I only like ruffles on my clothes). It’s inspiration overload so I wind up doing…nothing. And who wants to keep living in a blah space?

Well, I just discovered the coolest little tool to help me (us!) out: Design by What Matters by Benjamin Moore. This fun little module helps you figure out your style with a series of questions like what’s your hanging style (with pictures), your dream view, and more. I was slightly skeptical about the test at first because I thought it would give me totally random results but I have to say it was pretty spot on!

My Questions:


My results:

Design by What Matters-Living-Room-10

While the wall isn’t gray, it’s still VERY close to what I want. The couch is a contemporary version to what I already own, and I also have bronzed accent pieces at home already. Even the pillows are similar to what I already own, lol. Using this tool helped me narrow down exactly what I need to do: instead of a full overhaul, I just need to swap out a few accent pieces (I want a new lamp and coffee table), get more artwork, and even though I’m in a rental, paint the walls. I can now be a little more focused when I go out shopping for updates.

If you want to test it yourself (you can also do your kitchen and bedroom, and it even gives you alternate color palettes), visit It’s quick, easy, and fun. If only there was an option for offices…


Have you redecorated recently? How did you map things out? Comment below!


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