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Friday Faves | Linen Skirts + Dresses

It’s hot and humid in the city, so all that’s on my mind right now is finding clothing that’s light, in breathable fabrics, and won’t make me sweat to death walking from my car. While cotton is a mainstay, cute linen skirts and dresses are on my radar as well.

While you can find linen pieces in so many different prints, cuts, and bright hues, I lean towards the classics: clean lines, minimal embellishments, and just a hint of color. The shapes aren’t fussy, and the neutral palettes are easier to accessorize with, so you can still add pops of color or pair with prints for a look that’s all your own.

Anthropologie Frequence Dress, $198
Frequence Dress, Anthropologie, $198
Linen Cotton Sleeveless Dress, Uniqlo, $39.90
Linen Cotton Sleeveless Dress, Uniqlo, $39.90
Striped Linen Cotton Skirt, LOFT $49.50
Striped Linen Cotton Skirt, LOFT $49.50
Fossil Darcy Skirt, $49.99
Darcy Skirt, Fossil, $49.99


Are you into linen during the Summer?

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