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Beauty Buy | Ioni Cosmetics Blush

While running errands with my mom a few weeks ago, I came across Ioni Cosmetics, a cosmetics line that was new to me but has been around since 2012. I loved the packaging (black + sleek), and after looking at a few of the different items, I decided to try their powder blush in Ecstasy ($5.49), a poppy coral color. They have a total of 9 shades, but this color looked perfect for Summer. I’m a sucker for products at a great price point and at a glance they looked like they where a good quality, but I’m working on my impulse shopping and didn’t want to get stuck with (possible) duds (those numbers can add up!)

Ioni-Cosmetics-Blush-Ecstasy Ioni-Cosmetics-Blush-Ecstasy-2

To say I was blown away by the quality is an understatement. This blush is extremely pigmented-even when I used a fluffy brush I had to tap + apply it lightly. It’s really, really concentrated. The powder is soft, and once it’s on it’s on, so I didn’t have to reapply later in the day (which is good for me since I get oily in my T-Zone sometimes). Anybody can wear them  and they’re really #BrownGirlFriendly. There’s a bright orange + a hot pink shade that I waaaant on their site.

I love when drugstore brands surprise (I did a roundup of some of my favorites here); while all aren’t made the same, there are a few that truly rival their higher end contemporaries. I definitely plan on trying more products from them (right now they only have products from eyes, lips, nails, and a few shadows and blushes but palettes and foundation powders are in development. You can purchase online here, but also check at your local Fred’s as well.

Have you tried Ioni Cosmetics?

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