Easy Jewelry Storage

Working as a stylist and, ok, just being a girl in general, I’ve accumulated a lot of jewelry over the years. I’m always on the hunt when I go out because you never know where you might find something cute, however, I found myself constantly wearing the same pieces over and over because I had everything stored away. I’m usually in a rush in the morning, so I need to be able to grab pieces before I head out the door. Instead of spending a ton of money on jewelry display cases, I picked up a few clear drawer organizers (typically for office supplies) from Target:


Online they’re $6, but I got mine for around $4. They’re pretty big, sturdy, and easily fit on a bookshelf. For the ones with rings and earrings, I can actually stack those if needed. I’d much rather invest in a few of these than spend $15-$20 a pop on virtually the same thing simply because of the way it’s marketed.

Easy-Jewelry-Storage-KPFUSION-2 Easy-Jewelry-Storage-KPFUSION-4Look near the kitchen and room storage area anytime you’re in a mass retailer. I chose clear, but you can find all different colors and sizes depending on your need.


How do you store your jewelry?


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    1. What kind of hooks did you use on your wall? I can’t remember where, but I saw someone use doorknobs from Anthropologie on their wall. I thought that was pretty cool. For my longer necklaces, I have a rolling mannequin that I lucked up on last year (one of the stores near me put it out to trash and my coworker called me). Best thing ever!

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