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Quick Bites | Noodles Asian Bistro (Germantown)

One of my favorite places to pop into on my lunch break is Noodles Asian Bistro, which serves a modern mix of cuisine inspired by Korean, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Vietnamese flavors. Made with fresh ingredients, the service is fast, but the food is still great quality. With so many dishes to choose from, you can easily grab a meal from there on a regular basis and not have the same thing.

I typically go for extra spicy dishes, but this go-round I decided to try one of their favorites, the Thai Mango with chicken (fresh mango wok-tossed with sweet peppers, snap peas, cilantro, roasted cashew nuts in Thai brown sauce) and white rice.


Yall, this was SO good. The mango layers in a sweetness to the dish, with the roasted cashew nuts adding a butteriness as well. It was one of their specials that day, so I was able to get the main dish, a small salad, and an egg roll for $8. It was a lot of food (I actually had some to take home) but it’s filling without being heavy, so I didn’t feel sluggish the rest of my work day.


You can dine in or order to go, and they have a wide variety to choose from without being expensive. If you’re unsure of what to try, the best bet is to go with a dish that features a lot of veggies and add chicken (though a lot of times I want tofu). And I usually go with brown rice because it’s healthier but this time I chose white since I wasn’t sure how the dish would taste and I didn’t want anything compromising the flavor.


Noodles Asian Bistro
7850 Poplar Avenue, Suite 12
Germantown, TN 38138

To see their full menu, click here. They also have a location in Bartlett.

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