3 Tips for Buying Vintage Jewelry

I’ve always wanted to be that girl that could go shopping for vintage jewelry and leave with a big bag of baubles. While I’ve yet to master that, my friend Ari with That’s So Chic has. Every time I look up, she’s found some dope Givenchy or Chanel earrings, and she recently scored a sweet Gucci watch.

Now granted, she does have an online vintage store (relaunch coming), but the girl just genuinely has a seriously good eye for vintage.

After yet another IG post about a vintage jewelry steal, I had to go by her house and ask her what the secret is! Her 3 easy (but resourceful) tips:

Look for structure, quality, stones in tact, and weight (does it feel like real metal?).
Quality vintage jewelry (both real and costume) has a heaviness to it, so even if it isn’t necessarily “designer”, the weight of the product will let you know if it’s worth the purchase.

Jewelry from the 60s + 80s are what you will typically find the most.
Study jewelry through the years; once you become familiar with the different jewelry from each decade, don’t be afraid to whip your phone out to Google it.

Older designer jewelry usually doesn’t have the logo. Some may be stamped and have a serial number on the back instead.
Although she’s found pieces from many popular brands, there are a few design houses that created gorgeous jewelry but aren’t in business anymore. If you find pieces w/a stamp or serial number, research before you put it back because it could be something truly amazing.

This is a VERY small portion of Ari’s vintage jewelry collection.


She tends to favor gold pieces, but I’m dying over the white textured earrings. When her store relaunches, I’ll keep you guys posted!

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