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The One Step All Fashion Bloggers Should Do To Their Photos

So you styled the perfect look, edited your photos to perfection, linked all of your product details, and added some fabulous copy to your OOTD post. Before you upload those photos to your blog,


I’ve mentioned it before, but I think it’s worth sharing again, renaming your images before you upload them to your blog is one of the easiest, and probably most important thing you can do as a style blogger trying to build traffic.  Because here’s the thing: Google cannot read images; it can only read text. So if you’re wearing a big trend in your look (say a maxi pleated skirt), you want to rename your image to something relevant in your post so that it will more likely show-up in the search engine results for it. Do not leave your images with the camera’s file name. Nobody ever searched for DA798 or IMG_2235, so why miss out on organic SEO because you skipped a step?

Renaming is super easy as well. If you use Lightroom or Photoshop, once you finish editing your photos in those programs, just save your files as blogname-keyword-keyword or keyword-keyword-blogname.  Once you rename the images and upload them, you’ve given your blog post some extra SEO juice. If you’re a little more advanced and familiar with Adobe Bridge, you can add some additional SEO tags to your images (but I’ll save that for another day).

Simply renaming your photos can make a huge difference in your traffic after awhile, which is what you need if you really want your readership to grow!

 Do you rename your photos? Are you getting the traffic you want already? Comment below!


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