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Gallery Wall Art Inspiration

When I flip through magazines like Elle Decor, Martha Stewart Living, and House Beautiful, one of my favorite things to see is how homeowners display their artwork. While many are still traditional in the sense that you’ll see family photos fill the wall throughout the house, I’m a huge fan of the more modern style of gallery building. Vintage frames, huge posters, and sometimes just pretty wallpaper placed strategically on a wall can make a home look more welcoming and equally chic.

I have a lot of big walls in my apt, so I’ve already started collecting prints and frames. I think it’ll be a fun little project to complete over the Fall, especially after finding all of this inspiration:

Gallery-Wall-Art-3 gallery-wall-art-inspiration gallery-wall-art-inspiration gallery-wall-art-inspiration gallery-wall-art-inspiration

I’m also a huge proponent of frames and books being haphazardly placed against a wall. Always makes me think about an artist that doesn’t have the time to care to hang them but don’t want it to be hidden.

gallery-wall-art-inspiration gallery-wall-art-inspiration

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What’s your favorite way to display your artwork? 

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