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Small Work Space Ideas

So at the moment I find myself torn: do I turn my 2nd bedroom into a full on styling + beauty studio (which is kinda technically is already), OR do I make it an office? OR, do I turn a small space in my living room into a work area?

When I get home from my job, I sink into a corner on my couch and stay there for hours with my laptop, however, I want something a little more structured now. I get fantastic light in my living room and the space is big enough to where if I added a small desk and corkboard to a wall, it wouldn’t obstruct anything. Initially my 2nd bedroom was suppose to be an office, but I love doing blog + photography work in my living room, and only go into the room if I need to get makeup or styling supplies. I want to utilize it more, but I’m not sure how.

In the name of research, I fell down the Pinterest rabbit hole and found some small office space ideas. Whether I decide to get a desk for the living room or revamp my second bedroom (finally), at least I’ll have an idea of what all I should get regarding decorations and storage supplies.

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