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Everbloom Designs Floral Design Workshop (Photos)

In August, Kristin Wolter-Canfield with Everbloom Designs held her first floral design workshop at Propcellars Vintage Rentals. Friends + fellow creatives brought in beautiful flowers from their home, farmer’s markets, and even the local grocery stores to learn how to make unique but equally beautiful arrangements for home and small scale events. With everyone bringing their own flowers + foliage, no two arrangements were the same.

Everbloom-Designs-Floral-Design-Workshop Everbloom-Designs-Floral-Design-Workshop-2 Everbloom-Designs-Floral-Design-Workshop-3 Everbloom-Designs-Floral-Design-Workshop-6 Everbloom-Designs-Floral-Design-Workshop-8 Everbloom-Designs-Floral-Design-Workshop-11 Everbloom-Designs-Floral-Design-Workshop-19

The ladies listened intensely and took notes as Kristin gave them insight on floral design. It’s about more than just throwing pretty blooms into a vase. With the right tools and know-how you can make gorgeous arrangements that will stand out from the rest. There’s a more advanced skill-set needed in order to do professional floral design and styling for large events + editorials, however, this is a good workshop to take to help get your feet wet, and to also elevate the type of arrangements that you can create at home.Everbloom-Designs-Floral-Design-Workshop-10 Everbloom-Designs-Floral-Design-Workshop-12 Everbloom-Designs-Floral-Design-Workshop-13 Everbloom-Designs-Floral-Design-Workshop-14 Everbloom-Designs-Floral-Design-Workshop-21 Everbloom-Designs-Floral-Design-Workshop-25 Everbloom-Designs-Floral-Design-Workshop-46 Everbloom-Designs-Floral-Design-Workshop-41

Not only was the venue fragrant (there truly is nothing like the smell of fresh flowers), but there was so much color to behold. Flowers are the easiest way to brighten up a room, so as Kristin taught her class, I snapped as many photos as I could. Propcellars gets so much natural light it’s insane, so I was in heaven!

The final arrangements:

Everbloom-Designs-Floral-Design-Workshop-27 Everbloom-Designs-Floral-Design-Workshop-28 Everbloom-Designs-Floral-Design-Workshop-29 Everbloom-Designs-Floral-Design-Workshop-30 Everbloom-Designs-Floral-Design-Workshop-31 Everbloom-Designs-Floral-Design-Workshop-32 Everbloom-Designs-Floral-Design-Workshop-33 Everbloom-Designs-Floral-Design-Workshop-34 Everbloom-Designs-Floral-Design-Workshop-36 Everbloom-Designs-Floral-Design-Workshop-39 Everbloom-Designs-Floral-Design-Workshop-43 Everbloom-Designs-Floral-Design-Workshop-44 Everbloom-Designs-Floral-Design-Workshop-42

And for those that worry that they may have too many flowers, you can use any left over materials for a smaller arrangement:


Click here to read my easy DIY floral arrangement post with Everbloom Designs from a few weeks ago, and be sure to visit to stay up to date with Kristin’s work and to learn when her next class is (it’s coming soon!). Visit to learn more about their space + rental opportunities.


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