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Hot Buy | Measurements Cocktail Shaker from Amelia

In a perfect world, when you have friends over for drinks, you can make any and every cocktail order from scratch without batting a lash. In the real world, outside of a few personal favorites, you’re lucky if you can make a new libation without gagging. But what if you had something to help you with your measurements without being too obvious?

Enter this cute Measurements Cocktail Shaker ($21) from Amelia, a curated shop located in Oxford, MS. If you’ve ever wondered how much a “splash” was, or how many ounces are in a quart, this 24 oz shaker might be for you. It’s stainless steel with an integrated server, and non-descript enough that it won’t compete with anything on your bar cart, but still a conversation starter for those who notice the writing.

Bonus: How adorable are these Bon Voyage Coasters ($16, pack of 8)?

Bon Voyage Coasters-Amelia

Perfect for a theme night, no?

Happy cocktails!

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