Vintage mechanical alarm clock Vitjaz from Russia Soviet Union
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Friday Faves | Vintage Inspired Clocks

They say if you’ve already lived through a decade you should skip any of its trends should they come back around, however, I don’t think that’s the case when it comes to decor. Vintage-inspired is the new “shabby chic” so finding items that have a bit of nostalgic inflection without being too, um, obvious to the decade poses as a challenge-but a very fun challenge.

On a bookcase, as part of a gallery, and even alone, these vintage inspired clocks can be easy conversation starters whenever guests come over.

Newgate Clocks Bubble Alarm Clock $42
Newgate Clocks Bubble Alarm Clock, $42
Pier 1 Imports Fan Clock $20
Pier 1 Imports Fan Clock, $20
Luella Modern Aglow Round Wall Clock $60
Luella Modern Aglow Round Wall Clock, $60
Mod-Made-Blue Wooden Spoke Wall Clock-$85
Mod Made Blue Wooden Spoke Wall Clock, $85
Antiqued Gold Cutout Dial Wall Clock Kirklands $13
Antiqued Gold Cutout Dial Wall Clock Kirklands $13
New Covent Garden Clock $33
New Covent Garden Clock $33
Black Vintage Style Magnet Clock, 15
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How do you mix up trends in your home?

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