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Maybelline’s The Nudes Expert Wear Palette has been out for awhile, but recently it was a lifesaver for me on a photoshoot so I had to share why. It’s a 12-shade palette of neutral, foundational colors that can be used for an everyday look or layered for a soft smokey eye.

If you’re a makeup pro or just an every day makeup junkie, you may not like this one as much because the shades aren’t as pigmented as they could be (a primer is most definitely needed), however, I highly suggest picking up the palette because the browns have an ashy undertone, which makes them great for BROWS.

Maybelline The Nudes Expert Wear Palette

When I worked on the Teenage Wasteland  editorial a few weeks ago, it was the first time I applied makeup on someone that has blonde brows and eyelashes. The model was only 16 with full brows, so after I applied foundation I realized I was going to have to totally build a brow. I had picked up brow pencils that should have worked but they were still too dark and streaky; thank goodness I had grabbed this palette at the last minute before walking out the door and have a relatively steady hand.  I was able to use a soft smudge brush to create a brow that framed her face but wasn’t too heavy.

BTS shot of model Taylor. Look at that glow!

While I may not use it a lot for eye looks, It WILL be a part of my kit for brows. That’s worth the $9.99 easily. And again, when used with a primer (and a quality brush) you can create every day looks so if you’re someone that wants to start experimenting with smokey eyes or just want to add a color for every day, these give you a soft wash of color that’s buildable.

Have you tried out the palette yet?

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