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I love the resurgence that fashion illustration has had over the last few years. It’s been around for over 500 years and used to be how magazines showed off the current trends and design houses, but after the 30s, when Vogue began to use photographs for it’s covers, there was a steep decline and it was only used sparingly. Something switched, though, and about 3-4 years ago, I personally began to notice it more in magazines, and even started seeing a lot of portraits being commissioned as well (hello DKNY PR Girl). I think that it’s a pretty cool medium, and I’ve come across some amazing artists along the way.

I started following Bay Area, California Illustrator Anum Tariq on IG months ago because I was simply amazed by her glamorous sketches; she’s self taught outside of a mini-course at Parson’s Paris one Summer, and has a fantastic eye for detail. She’s been commissioned to work with Macy’s (Fashion Rocks), ILY Couture and more, and she frequently illustrates looks from the runway and pop culture happenings.

She’s super talented, so I wanted to share some of her work. Her pieces would be great in a gallery wall:

Anum Tariq Leopard Coat Illustration
Leopard Coat Illustration
Anum Tariq Plaid Scarf Illustration
Plaid Scarf Fashion Illustration
Anum Tariq Heels  Illustration
Anum Tariq Heels Fashion Illustration
Anum Tariq The Pink Dress Fashion Illustration
The Pink Dress Fashion Illustration
Anum Tariq Beyonce Fashion Illustration
Beyonce Fashion Illustration
Anum Tariq Python Louboutins Fashion Illustration
Python Louboutins Fashion Illustration

I can’t decide which one I want!

Click here to shop her Etsy store, and click here to visit her blog.Her prints start at $23, and she also does custom commissioned work as well.

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