Keeping Fresh, Glowing Skin During the Fall

Everyone wants glowing, radiant skin, and while achieving it during the Summer is a bit easier, maintaining it during the colder months doesn’t have to be extremely hard. No matter your skin-type, there are a few steps to follow for keeping fresh, glowing skin during the Fall.

Cleanse Daily
It shouldn’t have to be said, but you need to cleanse your skin daily. Every day your face is assaulted by the elements, so it needs to be washed. If you don’t wear makeup, you can alternate using a cleanser during the day and a washcloth with warm water at night (or vice versa). You want to use whatever works best for your skin; right now I’m still loving the Formula 10.0.6 Best Face Forward Daily Foaming Cleanser, but another cleanser that you can try (that won’t break the bank) is Cetaphil. It’s non-irritating and gentle enough for all skin-types. I use mine with a Clarisonic, but that’s up to you. Speaking of exfoliating…

Exfoliate Regularly
Depending on your skin, you can exfoliate every day, or at least 2-3 times a week. Sloughing off dead, flaky skin helps to regenerate and promote new cell growth and maintain baby soft skin. Freeman’s Charcoal + Black Sugar Polishing Mask is my fave (it’s almost empty!), but if you want to go the natural route, mix salt, sugar, or oatmeal with a little EVOO or coconut oil for your own scrub.

Tone + Reset pH
After washing and/or exfoliating your skin, your skin needs to “reset”. Toning helps to remove any dirt your cleanser may have missed, soothes skin, and resets its pH balance. Witch Hazel and rose water are gentle formulas, but you can also try one that’s designed to work with your skin’s cleanser.

Stay Hydrated
Your skin NEEDS moisture. Even if you’re oily, you still need to re-hydrate and replenish the good oils so that your skin can remain fresh, plump, and youthful looking. Per usual, find the best formula for your skin type (dry skin does well with balms + richer lotions while oily skin can be hydrated properly with light-weight formulas and gels), and apply twice a day after cleansing for optimal results. L’Oreal’s Active Daily Moisture Lotion is a simple formula that doesn’t contain a lot of bells or whistles. It simply hydrates.

The deeper you get into developing your skincare regime, the more you may want to start experimenting with masks, serums and peels, but if you at least maintain a consistent daily routine, your skin won’t suffer through the winter.

How  do you keep a fresh, healthy glow?


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