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Product Review | #Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive

I first started experimenting with oils and serums about 2 years ago. I have combination skin, but know that the secret to youthful looking skin is keeping it moisturized, so I started incorporating them into my skincare routine whenever I needed extra hydration, or if I had an issue I was treating.

I received a sample of the Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive by MONAT, a serum that can be used on both skin and hair. It’s key ingredient is Abyssinian Oil, and as a blend of 10 other oils, it mimics the body’s own natural oils to help keep skin hydrated while battling premature aging, and also protects hair from the damage it receives during styling.


Many people (especially those with oily or combination skin) shy away from using oils because they’re afraid that it may clog pores, but the opposite is true. The bad oil that you want to avoid is sebum-when skin is properly hydrated with good oils like coconut, argan, and abyssinian, sebum’s production is minimized, leaving skin soft and supple, not greasy and clogged. Rejuveniqe is lightweight and absorbs quickly, and can also be used on your hair, which is a bonus. I’ve used it both alone and mixed with a moisturizer (temps have dropped so you have to up the hydration) and I really like how it makes my skin feel. I haven’t experienced any breakouts, nor has it caused any staining on clothes. I’ve also used it on my hair; I use heat styling tools and while my hair is moisturized, it isn’t heavy or weighed down like it would be a cream or pomade. It still has movement which is a must!

It comes with a little dropper so that you can use as little or as much as you want. I love this because depending on how your skin is every morning, you can measure out what you’ll need without dumping an entire bottle of product in your hand. It retails for $99 (1.0 fl oz), so it’s a little pricey, but I believe that there are some skincare items worth splurging on. Because this does double duty on skin and hair, this might be one of them.

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