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Stylish Design | Propcellar Vintage Rentals

It all started with a blue couch. So goes the story behind the beginning of Karlee Knutsson Hickman’s Propcellar Vintage Rentals, a company that serves as both a venue + boutique event vintage rental vendor here in Memphis, TN.

Last month they celebrated their (re) grand opening, and while I wasn’t able to attend, I did swing by a few days later to visit Karlee and take a tour of the newly renovated facility. I attended a workshop there during the summer, so this visit was an opportunity to see the space in all of its “new” glory (special thanks to P & J Construction).  To say I was impressed is an understatement. While the majority of the inventory is placed in a huge storage area at the back of the building, I love that everything was still styled into little vignettes, so if you needed inspiration with design for an upcoming event, there was plenty to pull from.

Propcellars-Vintage-Rentals-Memphis-27 Propcellars-Vintage-Rentals-Memphis Propcellars-Vintage-Rentals-Memphis-2 Propcellars-Vintage-Rentals-Memphis-4 Propcellars-Vintage-Rentals-Memphis-3 Propcellars-Vintage-Rentals-Memphis-6 Propcellars-Vintage-Rentals-Memphis-5

Karlee isn’t a Memphis native (she’s a Cali-girl), but she’s been here long enough to call Memphis home, and to be excited about the development that’s been happening all over the city (and particularly off of Broad Avenue, which is only a 2 minute walk away from Propcellars). A background in fashion and marketing fueled her love of vintage design, so what started off as a hobby eventually turned into a fun business venture for her, with help from friends and family. She and her team have a keen eye for detail, so anyone looking for creative elements to add to their next event, no matter the size, will be able to work with her staff to plan out an awesome experience for their guests.

There were so many “props” that I wanted to keep for myself, for both home and for future photoshoots (btw, there is space in the facility that’s open to photographers for rental.

Propcellars-Vintage-Rentals-Memphis-9 Propcellars-Vintage-Rentals-Memphis-10
Propcellars-Vintage-Rentals-Memphis-16 Propcellars-Vintage-Rentals-Memphis-15 Propcellars-Vintage-Rentals-Memphis-14 Propcellars-Vintage-Rentals-Memphis-20 Propcellars-Vintage-Rentals-Memphis-19 Propcellars-Vintage-Rentals-Memphis-22 Propcellars-Vintage-Rentals-Memphis-28

Amazing sketches by Ainslie Pryer in the office. WANT!

Propcellars-Vintage-Rentals-Memphis-24 Propcellars-Vintage-Rentals-Memphis-25

The entire front portion of the building has frosted windows, so the most beautiful light can flow in). It’s truly a cool building that’s perfect for really any kind of event (I didn’t bring my other lens with me to snap a picture of the bathroom but the design is Norwegian inspired so even it could be used in a photoshoot!). I’m so excited to see what comes through those doors, especially during holiday and wedding season.

Propcellars Vintage Rentals carries everything from doors + mantels to glasswear + linens, so they’re a great resource to have to add a unique touch to your large or small event. Visit to take a peak at their inventory, and be sure to follow them on FB + Instagram. If you attended the launch party, they have photos uploaded to their FB page.

Propcellar Vintage Rentals
2585 Summer Avenue
Memphis, TN 38112

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