Style Bites | Crazy Beautiful’s Grand Opening

So last Thursday was super busy for me. After work I attended Smitten Event’s launch party, and then I swung by Crazy Beautiful‘s grand opening party (and THEN I went to karaoke with friends which was… whew, lol). Not only where they celebrating the grand opening of their new location (2111 Madison Avenue in Overton Square), but CB has been on the scene for 10 years! I’m so proud to know Erykah and her team and it’s been awesome to watch the growth of her company.

I missed the bubbly (drats!) but I got to see the ladies and talk about some future collabs (like here). I’m going to go back and take pictures of the new space soon (they have some really cool installations and I really want to capture them in pretty natural light), so watch out for that. Be sure to go and visit them as well. If you live in or near Memphis, they’re surrounded by restaurants + other shops so make it a fun afternoon trip!


Crazy Beautiful 
2111 Madison Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104

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