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Brunch + Sew Q&A with Andrea Fenise

I’m sooo proud of my friend + collaborator Andrea Fenise! Her 3rd installment of her Brunch + Sew workshop SOLD OUT this month, and as she plans to take her workshop on the road (hello Nashville!), I wanted to do a quick Q&A with her about the event so that if her next installment is near you, you’ll have all the deets and be able to attend!

Brunch + Sew ByAndeaFenise-Memphis

What made you decide to launch Brunch + Sew workshops? How did you come up with the concept?
I love nostalgia. When I created Brunch + Sew I wanted it to remind women of the old sewing groups but make it very modern. I came up with the concept while driving. I’m always thinking of something new to do. Something that will help women and foster a creative community.

How did you get into sewing? How has it affected your life?
I began sewing while pregnant with my daughter. I did not like any of the maternity options so I decided I would make my own. I didn’t see this astronomical growth until i lost my dad. Sewing was an escape. It was my only way of grieving positively. Now, it’s my way of expressing myself, helping others and providing a life for my daughter and I.

What can attendees expect to learn/takeaway from the workshop?
Expect to take away giggles. Expect to take away a full tummy, lol. Most importantly, they can expect to take away a skill set they can cherish forever.




What are different ways that people can use their new-found sewing skills?
Oh my… you can make your own wardrobe like me. Your kids clothes, make your own home interior treatments like drapes. Sewing can be used in soooooo many ways.

Your December workshop is sold out-when’s the next one?
We have a Brunch and Sew in Nashville Jan 17th and the next Memphis event will be the 24th.

Andrea Fenise Brunch and Sew Nashville

For those that are unable to attend Brunch + Sew but would still like to learn how, do you offer private lessons?
Yes I do (click here). I know some people are intimidated by learning in large groups. Private lessons are a great way to get one on one instruction.

Congrats Andrea! Be sure to visit to learn more about Brunch + Sew!

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