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Design Tips for a Simple Holiday Tablescape

Many of us will be receiving guests in our home over the next few days to celebrate “The Most Wonderful Time of Year”, so with that comes a lot of prep for creating a beautiful tablescape. While I’m a huge fan of an elaborate  table setting (they make such pretty pinnables), in real life, it may be easier (and more budget friendly) to do something a little simpler. Below are a few tips to help you create something beautiful and classic:

Choose your linens wisely.
If you want to really get into the Christmas Spirit, a green, red, or gold tablecloth will always be great, but you can also start your foundation with white linens. If you have a wooden or glass table, a runner can be used to add dimension while still showing it off. Layer a heavier (think burlap) runner or use placemats instead if you plan to do centerpieces and want something a little rustic.



Simplify your dinnerware.
When all else fails, use white dinnerware. You don’t have to spend a fortune on it (I’ve found some really modern cups + plates at the $1 store!), it will highlight the food (because you know everyone wants to IG their plates, lol) and they can be used time and time again. If you want the look to be a little fancier, place them on a gold or silver charger (depends on your flatware), or switch up your napkins and accent pieces.

black and white table setting



Candles, ribbon, fresh flowers and foraged greens are your friend.
Two of my bigbest takeaways from the floral arrangement class I took a few months ago is

  • the grocery store + farmer’s market carry amazing flowers that won’t cost a fortune
  • search your neighborhood for beautiful greenery to add a natural element to the table

A few days before you have guests over, head over to your local market to pick out a few bunches (try peonies, calendulas, candytuft, roses, ranunculous in whites, creams, golds, and soft reds) and search for pinecones, twigs, and pretty greens in your neighborhood (though you can buy some at your closest craft store). Style twigs + greenery on top of cloth napkins and tie with a pretty shimmery gold ribbon, or place cranberries at the bottom of a hurricane vase, fill with water and add flowers or floating tea lights. Cream votive candles go with EVERYTHING, so keep them stocked up for moments like this.

Rustic Holiday TableScape


Play around with your color combinations and the placement of your flowers and candles. You can even add ornaments into the mix if you want to get really creative with it. Be as festive or minimalist as you want with your theme, but remember, you don’t have to go broke to have a pretty table setting.

To see more examples, check out my Holiday Tablescapes Pinterest Board.

How do you decorate your tables during the Holiday?

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