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Beauty Buy | Ulta BB Cream Beauty Balm SPF 20

Not all BB Creams are created equal. Some are really light and little more than a tinted moisturizer, while others are heavier and work well as a primer. Ulta’s BB Cream Beauty Balm SPF 20 ($12.50) is a great in-between. It’s heavy enough to provide sheer, buildable coverage, but light enough to keep skin looking really dewy + fresh (which is what I love).

I picked up a tube a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised by the formula. The range isn’t very extensive (3 shades + 1 illuminating) but I wouldn’t count it completely out.  I picked up deep, which is a little dark for me (medium was a tad too light), BUT because I highlight with concealer, it just gives me a slightly tanned look. I also mix a drop with a drop of foundation for more coverage and it gives it an airbrushed finish. It’s a warm based cream, so if you have yellow undertones, you won’t look ashy (I’ve tried some others that were cooler and, um, no, lol.)

Have you tried this BB Cream? How did you like it?

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