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Outfit Ideas | Holiday Tulle

I’m not exactly sure when the love affair with tulle skirts began again, but I’m totally here for it. It’s an unexpected wardrobe staple that can be worn so many different ways, and it’s so cute + festive for the holidays. If you’re not into wearing dresses, but don’t want to wear pants, it falls right in the middle because you can pair it with sequins to make it super sparkly, or you can go more modern with a simple top + a statement necklace.


My friend Andrea Fenise recently paired her custom design with a statement necklace + sparkly shoes for a wedding, and the color palette was sweet but still sophisticated.


On another day, she can pair it with a silk blouse or cropped blazer for a work event, or go funky + make it more street stylish with a black long-sleeve tee or turtleneck and leopard print shoes. Versatility is the name of the game!

Are you into tulle skirts? How many ways would you wear yours?

Snapshots | Holiday Arrangement by Ava Loren Design
Holiday Check In

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