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Digital to Print: Will Lucky Magazine’s Blogger Cover Sell?

In a move that wasn’t 100% unexpected but still surprisingly bold, Lucky Magazine is featuring 3 top personal style bloggers on the cover of their February 2015 print issue.

In lieu of the typical Hollywood starlet or model of the moment, bloggers Chiara Ferragni (The Blonde Salad), Zanita Whittington (Zanita) and Nicole Warner (Gary Pepper) are highlighted, giving a little bit of insight into their success in the digital hemisphere while doing what they do best: modeling the season’s hottest trends.

The Lucky Magazine cover is a huge coup for fashion bloggers in general, because for so long, bloggers weren’t respected in the industry, but with the shift in the title of “tastemaker” going to bloggers as opposed to just editors, celebs, and socialites over the last few years, the power of the fashion blog can no longer be denied.

Lucky Magazine Feb 2015
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Each blogger is successful within their own right, and while industry crossover has happened before, it’s typically been branded and advertorial, on a much smaller scale, and more often than not, the content created is specifically for a blogger’s respected site. Although they are popular, placing them on the cover is a risk, not only because the cover shot is what attracts non-subscribers, but also because of the shift in creative control for the accompanying editorial. Readers follow them because of the style stories that they create, so most will expect to see that on an elevated scale. Will that blogger’s same creative element be there now that it’s being done for a zine?

Placing bloggers on the cover will introduce them to a new audience, but will it be able to pull in their dedicated readership (which is the thinly-veiled goal) as well?

 How do you feel about the Lucky cover? Are you a blogger? Comment below!

Cheers to a Stylish 2015!
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