Molly Ringwald by Sheila Metzner
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Botanicals, ala Molly Ringwald

After binge watching John Hughes’ The Breakfast Club last week, it only made sense that I stumbled upon this gorgeous portrait of Molly Ringwald from the June, 1984 edition of Vanity Fair, shot by Sheila Metzner. The Breakfast Club hadn’t been released yet, but 16 year old Molly was already known as a Hollywood “It Girl” on the rise. I didn’t see any of her movies until later in the 80s, but I was an instant fan. At the time, Molly was wise beyond her years, fashionably quirky, and had an accessible beauty, so she was extremely relatable.

This portrait, IMO, was soooo ahead of its time. I love the shot overall, but Michael Roberts KILLED the styling. You can see the Geisha influence, but I like that it was subtle enough to not border on cultural appropriation but stil  creative and different, nonetheless. I’m adding it to a mood board for a future editorial, because in a word, it’s just DOPE.

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