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When you’re looking to add a little more pizzazz at home, a lot of decor guides advise you to add a pop of color in the mix. While that’s also a plus (I mean, who doesn’t love a touch a pink),  I think an equally stylish element to consider are graphic prints. Black + White stripes and polka dots are those rare prints that can be both modern and classic depending on where you place them in your home. Small rugs and pillows are super easy to add to a room, though if you’re more adventurous, a striped wall can be fun as well. Plus, they pretty much go with any color palette, which makes updating so much easier.

Here’s a little design inspo for the week:

striped pillows

viaPolka Dot Pillows


polka dot wall

viaPolka Dot pillows-2

viapolka dot wall

viastriped chair pillow

viastriped bathroomwall


feature image via

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What’s your favorite way to add new life to your home decor?


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