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Recap | Basics of Blogging Workshop v2

You guys! I had so much fun teaching my 2nd  Basics of Blogging Workshop on last Sunday. This session sold out, and like the first, it was filled with  people who will be blogging for fun, blogging as a component to their business/brand, and those who are like me who use it as a combination for both.

KP Fusion Basics of Blogging Workshop. Shot by Ziggy Mack. February 2015

I never thought that I would be as passionate as I am about blogging, but I really do enjoy it. Sometimes it gets a little overwhelming and depending on my schedule I can get a little burnt out, but I absolutely love doing it. I seriously couldn’t imagine not being a blogger. It started out as a simple creative outlet and has brought so many cool opportunities my way over the years; I had a lot of areas of interest career-wise, and running KP Fusion has helped me zone in on what I really want to spend my time doing in this chapter of my life. I have a voice, and my very own platform, so I no longer have to wait for someone else to give me permission to express my creative ideas. I’ve been able to collaborate with other creatives, and now with the workshops, I can teach others how to build their own digital footprints. How cool is that?!KP Fusion Basics of Blogging Workshop. Shot by Ziggy Mack. February 2015

I haven’t decided when my next one will be (I’m leaning towards April due to March being uber busy at work with Marissa’s new collection FINALLY launching at BR!), but I’m planning that in addition to a few different workshops + classes as well (one will be all about beauty!).

I will also continue to share blogging tips on here bc I know how hard it is to find truly useful blogging info  (if I read “know your voice” one more time!). I will also offer more products like the free editorial calendar download I created as part of my workshop workbook.

If you guys have anything that you want to learn more about, please, please please let me know so that I can build content around it-I’m all about spreading knowledge!

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Thank you for reading-your comments are appreciated!

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