Easy 8 Minute Everyday Makeup

When it comes to beauty, I’m the type of girl that falls in-between a swipe of lip-gloss + mascara and a full on cake face. I love wearing a full face of makeup (from primer to setting spray), but I typically go for more of a glowy look as opposed to a “beat” face-I save that for nights out.


I decided to time myself to see exactly how long it takes me to apply my everyday makeup (I can seriously do it in my sleep at this point), and it takes 8 minutes. Not bad for someone that’s always in a rush, and if I need to freshen up for an after work event, I can add in a darker lip and/or a cateye. My focus has been moreso on polishing the base w/groomed brows over a ton of shadows, so that makes it super easy for me to switch it up later. To recreate:

How long does your everyday face take?

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