Selecting Your Perfect Fragrance

I don’t feel completely dressed unless I spritz on a little perfume. I change my scent during the warmer + cooler months, but I have to wear a fragrance daily. I feel really weird if I don’t. I’ve been wearing perfume since I was a little girl (I’d splash on whatever I could quickly grab from my mom’s vanity), but once I made it to my 20s, I really started to pay attention to what I wore. I not only wanted to smell delicious, but I wanted to find a signature scent, one that fit my personality or mood.

While there are differences between mists, Eau de toilettes and Eau de parfums (which basically boil down to how concentrated they are + how long they last), I’ve personally found that it didn’t really matter which one I bought-how I applied it (if I wore it alone or layered) and where I applied it affected how long it lasted.

When I wear mists, I do a full body spritz because the scent is really light, but if I do a toilette or parfum, I apply it to my pulse points (wrists, behind the neck, and behind the knees) because the heat from those areas helps it to warm up to the skin. I make sure that my skin is always moisturized as well. Coconut oil is my go-to right now, but some scents smell really great layered together. Do whatever isn’t overwhelming to your senses.

As far as notes go, in warmer months, I go for really clean, floral, or citrus notes. Something girly. I won’t disclose what I currently wear (a lady never tells), but past favorites have been Clinique Happy, Dolce & Gabana Light Blue, Nina by Nina Ricci, and Coach Poppy.

When it’s cooler, warmer, muskier notes are more appealing to me. I still like a little sweetness (like vanilla), but a richer, heavier fragrance feels more womanly. I’ve worn Prada Candy, Bvlgari Pour FemmeMichael Kors, and VS’ Very Sexy. Layered over a vanilla body butter, you will smell unbelievable.

No matter what you like to wear, find SOMETHING. There’s nothing like hugging someone and they say “wow, you smell great”, and giving them a little smirk bc they don’t know if it’s just “you”, or that you’ve found your perfect scent.

Do you wear a fragrance every day? What’s your fave? Do you change it up during different seasons?

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