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Anytime I find myself needing a little style inspiration, I hop down the Pinterest rabbit hole. During this little adventure, I stumbled upon photos from Elle Decor of Cameron Diaz’ Manhattan Apt that was designed by Kelly Wearstler in 2013.

Cameron-Diaz-Kelly-Wearstler-Manhattan-Apt-Interior-Design-4 Cameron-Diaz-Kelly-Wearstler-Manhattan-Apt-Interior-Design Cameron-Diaz-Kelly-Wearstler-Manhattan-Apt-Interior-Design-2 I’m such a fan of Kelly’s work (and seriously need to order all of her coffee table books); her design aesthetic is always very bold, but each interior is still specific to the client’s personal style + needs. One of the things I learned about working as a (fashion) stylist is that while people will hire you for *your* eye and taste, you have to be able to style your client (in Kelly’s case, the home) in a way that’s still true to them. We want to live in beauty, but not necessarily a museum.

Cameron-Diaz-Kelly-Wearstler-Manhattan-Apt-Interior-Design-3 Cameron-Diaz-Kelly-Wearstler-Manhattan-Apt-Interior-Design-6 Cameron-Diaz-Kelly-Wearstler-Manhattan-Apt-Interior-Design-8Cameron-Diaz-Kelly-Wearstler-Manhattan-Apt-Interior-Design-5

Some may argue that Cameron’s space is a little cold because of all of the marble, brass, and tile throughout, but I personally love the sleekness of it all. In her bedroom and living room, those areas received all of the luxe, soft textures (raw silk lined drawers, plush linen, comfy cushions) so there’s a good juxtaposition of masculine and feminine sensibilities. Modern + sexy ftw!

Who do you love for interior design?

All photos: Elle Decor

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