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#MemphisFashionWeek | 2015 EMDP Runway Show

Last night was the Memphis Fashion Week Runway Show* for the EMDP Applicants and it was sooo good! There were 10 designers, with some showcasing a Singles Collection and others a Mini Collection. Each set of collections will be judged two ways: via a panel of judges (designer Pat Kerr, musician Grace Askew, and costumer Bruce Bui), and audience choice.  First place winners each will receive a scholarship to MCA’s Continuing Education Fashion Design classes, gift card to Spoonflower, and auto acceptance into next year’s EMDP.  Second place winners will receive a $50 gift card to Spoonflower.

Photos from the Runway:



KATHRYN HEARDMemphis-Fashion-Week-2015-Day-1-Runway-EMDP-2 Memphis-Fashion-Week-2015-Day-1-Runway-EMDP-3 Memphis-Fashion-Week-2015-Day-1-Runway-EMDP-4

MAGGIE DANDRIDGEMemphis-Fashion-Week-2015-Day-1-Runway-EMDP-5

RACHEL ECHNOZMemphis-Fashion-Week-2015-Day-1-Runway-EMDP-6

CIERRA WILSONMemphis-Fashion-Week-2015-Day-1-Runway-EMDP-7 Memphis-Fashion-Week-2015-Day-1-Runway-EMDP-8

LINDSAY CHASTAINMemphis-Fashion-Week-2015-Day-1-Runway-EMDP-9

MEREDITH OLINGERMemphis-Fashion-Week-2015-Day-1-Runway-EMDP-10 Memphis-Fashion-Week-2015-Day-1-Runway-EMDP-11 Memphis-Fashion-Week-2015-Day-1-Runway-EMDP-12

CLARA SEIGLERMemphis-Fashion-Week-2015-Day-1-Runway-EMDP-13 Memphis-Fashion-Week-2015-Day-1-Runway-EMDP-14 Memphis-Fashion-Week-2015-Day-1-Runway-EMDP-15 Memphis-Fashion-Week-2015-Day-1-Runway-EMDP-16 Memphis-Fashion-Week-2015-Day-1-Runway-EMDP-17


Memphis-Fashion-Week-2015-Day-1-Runway-EMDP-19 Memphis-Fashion-Week-2015-Day-1-Runway-EMDP-20 Memphis-Fashion-Week-2015-Day-1-Runway-EMDP-21 Memphis-Fashion-Week-2015-Day-1-Runway-EMDP-22

Memphis-Fashion-Week-2015-Day-1-Runway-EMDP-23 Memphis-Fashion-Week-2015-Day-1-Runway-EMDP-24 Memphis-Fashion-Week-2015-Day-1-Runway-EMDP-25 Memphis-Fashion-Week-2015-Day-1-Runway-EMDP-26 Memphis-Fashion-Week-2015-Day-1-Runway-EMDP-27

My vote goes to Clara Seigler for the Mini Collection. I loved how dark yet slightly ethereal her collection was, and don’t even get me started on the laser cut detail. That’s dedication! For the Singles? Camilla Curran. The color + pattern on that romper is pure fun, and the silhouette is quite contemporary. It totally put me in the mind of something Solange would wear.

*Both Dilettante Collection + Mara Hoffman showed last night as well, but due to the size of their collections, they’re getting their own respective posts. A city style post is coming too! Stay tuned!

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