Tips for Curating Your Instagram Feed
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Tips On Curating Your Instagram Feed (+ a Few of My Faves )

While there’s technically no right or wrong way to post to your Instagram account, there is a smart way to curate your account if you’re using it to promote and build traffic for your blog or business. More informative than a 160 character tweet but not as detailed as a blog post, you can use the images on your Instagram to help develop a mood or overarching theme for your blog + business, which can in turn lead even the most casual observer to visit your website to learn more about you and your blog/brand (yay traffic!).

You don’t want to over-think what you’re posting (because there’s no fun in that!) but you do want to be a little more cognizant of what you share if you’re using it for more than just family and friends. You have to decide what the best fit is for your business/blog, but please know, there is brand power behind a smart feed.

Clean Up Your Feed
I’ve observed a few bloggers + businesses build nice followings over a short period of time because they were strategic with what they posted, and I can even say for myself, after editing my feed a few weeks ago and being more thoughtful about what I shared, my numbers started to increase and I’ve received a bump in traffic to my blog because of it. Try to keep it as cohesive as possible so people can get a real feel for who you are.


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Set Your Tone
A few of the accounts that I follow have a super sunny vibe to their photos, or they’re a little more artistic and dark-not with the subject matter, but moreso with their editing. Vscocam is super popular for both, so depending on what you’re sharing, just try to make your images “flow” so that even with a quick scroll, a viewer can tell if they want to follow you.

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Get in the Light + Keep it Crisp
I’ve yet to understand the person that posts blurry photos to IG. No matter which camera app that you use, there’s a button you can press to refocus the shot so whyyyyy keep putting up photos that are bad?? ESPECIALLY if you’re selling something? Get in the light (natural light is THE best), steady your hand, and use the focus button. Your followers will thank you (with a comment/like!)

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We always talk about sharing beautiful images on our website, but the same should be said for this visual medium. I don’t know about you, but if the photos are too blurry or dark on an account (or god forbid filled with memes), I most likely won’t follow it. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but if you’re using it to promote something, it should at least be pretty!

Tips for Curating Your Instagram Feed

How do you use Instagram? What are some of your favorite feeds to follow? Why?

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