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As much as I love going to fashion shows and seeing new/creative styles come down a runway, if I could sit backstage and watch hair + makeup prep all day, I’d be as happy as a clam. In another life, I was a makeup artist (I’ve practiced┬ámy skills here and here), and I briefly did a stint at cosmetology school in my early 20s, so beauty prep fascinates me. Seeing mounds of lipsticks + makeup brushes, the smell of hairspray-I get a little giddy because if I could, I’d join in and start “playing” around too!


On the second day of the Memphis Fashion Week runway shows, I was granted access to see the models and beauty squad prep for shows that night. What many don’t know is that call time for hair + makeup for an 8pm show is EARLY. The models arrive typically in the late morning hours (around 10a or 11a) for run-throughs and lineup changes, and then they start on hair and makeup.

Memphis-Fashion-Week-Backstage-Beauty-Prep Memphis-Fashion-Week-Backstage-Beauty-Prep Memphis-Fashion-Week-Backstage-Beauty-Prep Memphis-Fashion-Week-Backstage-Beauty-PrepMemphis-Fashion-Week-Backstage-Beauty-Prep

Depending on the size of the group, they start in batches, alternating between muas and hairstylists to get primed and prepped for their first look of the night. If they’re showing multiple designers, their first look is usually the simplest/softest, and then throughout the show they make the necessary changes for each model.

Memphis-Fashion-Week-Backstage-Beauty-Prep Memphis-Fashion-Week-Backstage-Beauty-Prep Memphis-Fashion-Week-Backstage-Beauty-Prep Memphis-Fashion-Week-Backstage-Beauty-PrepYou get to see new/different products being used, and if you pay attention in between snaps, you can pick up different techniques to use on yourself. I didn’t stay too long because I didn’t want to be in the way (cramped quarters sometimes!) but I got a few confirmations on products that I want to pick up (there’s a Graftobian foundation palette that MUST be mine!) and a few new beauty trends that are coming up this season.

To see looks from the 2nd Day of shows, click here!

Pavo Salon + Spa, Joseph Store’s Beauty Team, and MUA Shaka Diamante did an amazing job at all of the events!

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