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I’m completely over everything in my closet. Well, not completely completely over it, but enough so that I’ve started staring into it like it’s the abyss when I get dressed in the mornings, wondering what I’ll wear. Staring as if a new dress or blouse is going to magically appear if I stare into it long enough, lol.

I’ve stopped being so “spontaneous” with my shopping spurts over the last few months and have only purchased a few items that I needed, so I’m much more in control with my purchases now. I don’t have a capsule wardrobe juuuust yet, but I am more strategic with how I shop, and my wallet thanks me for it. I usually make a general list of items that I want/need for when I go into stores, but I’ve created a digital component to the one I carry around using Lyst.

If you’ve never used Lyst before, in a nutshell, it’s similar to a certain “pinnable”site but geared strictly towards fashion, and is actually shoppable. They’ve partnered with over 12,000 brands like ASOS, Valentino, Isabel Marant and Topshop, so you’re able to shop both high-street and designer brands from pretty much anywhere in the world. You can make different lysts (say for a specific item or event) and you can get alerts if it comes back into stock or goes on sale before you’ve had a chance to purchase it.

You can shop new arrivals or strictly follow brands that you personally like, narrow items down by category, price point, or retailer, so it’s relatively easy to use. The more you use it, the smarter it gets. I have a pretty clear idea about items I want this summer, so here’s a peak at my “2015 Summer Essentials” Lyst:


Denim, graphic tees, patterns, and slouchy dresses are on my radar. There are a few silhouettes I want to experiment with this season, and I’ve found that if I buy pieces that are part of a certain color palette, it’s a lot easier for me to get dressed everyday.

Now let’s be clear: I have a ton of clothes. Like seriously, I could wear something different for at least a month before having to repeat anything, but the warmer weather and a slight shift in personal taste means that it’s time for me to clear out anything I don’t love anymore so that I can make room for more covetable items. Some items I will still pick up at the store, but I can use my Lyst to shop online without having to go to every single website. Pretty cool, no?

You can sign up for your own account here and be sure to follow me as I build lysts galore. You can also check out The LongLyst, the editorial component to the site that includes interviews, style profiles, trend updates and more. 🙂


Disclosure: This post was a collaboration with Lyst and, as always, all opinions are my own.

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