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Hewitt Home | Vignettes

While downtown for the MemFIX: Pinch District festivities, not only did I see Paper & Clay’s gorgeous new studio, but I was finally able to see my friend Chris Hewitt’s ah-mazingly stylish apt.

Chris + I first met via Social Media (thanks IG!) a few years ago and after a couple of weeks discovered that we near each other as well (he at Coach, me at Banana). Not long after the discovery he relocated to NOLA for a while (if you scroll back through his IG feed you can see some of his gorgeous shots during his time there. He won’t take the title of photographer just yet but he definitely has the eye for it), so we never had a chance to hang out.


Fast forward to him being back home and lucking up on the apt he lived in while in college; he and his roommate decided to have a “open house” during the event and I’m so glad that they did!

Let’s set the scene: you’re buzzed in and walk up a flight of steps. You can hear music playing, but you can’t make it out until you reach the top and then you realize, it’s Sinatra. Once you enter though, you go OF COURSE it’s Sinatra, lol. The 2-bedroom airy-apt is filled with artwork and little vignettes, so it’s almost like artistic overload, but NOT. It was just…dope.
Hewitt-Apt-11 Hewitt-Apt-14 Hewitt-Apt-10I was obsessed with those lightbox sketches. Such a unique way to decorate your walls.

Hewitt-Apt Hewitt-Apt-9 Hewitt-Ap-2t

Everywhere you turned there was something interesting to see. Artwork that he’d gotten from galleries, classic vinyl albums, and even cute little throwback toys + games from the 80s and 90s.


My friend Zig was already there (we’d planned to meet but ironically, it wasn’t there #greatminds) and we kept looking at each other going DUDE. I mean, there’s a huge elevator wheel in the “breakfast nook”. This was obviously not your typical bachelor’s pad.


Stephen King mixed in with the Olsens and Fleetwood Mac books?? Like, a man after my own heart.

Hewitt-Apt-16 Hewitt-Apt-6 Hewitt-Apt-17Hewitt-Apt-7

C. Hewitt Apt Decor. Shot by Kim Thomas for KP Fusion. April 2015.

Hewitt-Apt-20 Hewitt-Apt-19 Hewitt-Apt-18

I absolutely adored his styling. There were minimalist elements to it (hardwood floors, natural lights, simple bedding) and while it was beautifully curated, it still felt lived in, which is how your home should be. Stylish and filled with things that you love. Thanks Chris!


If you’re in or near Memphis,TN + have a stylish home creative space, I’d love to share it on this blog. Email for more info. 

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