The Dressy Tee

When the weather gets really warm, it starts to become harder to find a balance between cute and comfortable. You still need to look put together for work and functions, but it’s just so dang on hot that everything starts to feel gross! Simple dresses are an obvious Summer wardrobe staple, but a dressier tee is also a way to give you the best of both worlds.

The key to this tee being able to cover all bases is length, fabric, + fit: it should be loose but not baggy, and skim the top of your hip so that it can cover your bum but still work with shorts. With fabric, a blend is preferred; 100% cotton will be too casual for this shape, so look for one that’s a jersey blend, or one that has silk or chiffon detail like this Chiffon-Paneled Tee ($11) from Forever 21.

Chiffon Paneled Tee Forever 21-2Chiffon Paneled Tee Forever 21-3

It works easily with distressed denim for off days, but you can wear it with a pencil skirt + pretty baubles for an effortless work look. If you find it in multiple colors (this one also comes in black!), GET THEM ALL. It will make getting dressed so much easier. Trust me.

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