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Decor // Bingham + Broad

During last month’s Broad Avenue Art Walk, the pouring rain prevented me from capturing any street style, but I DID stumble upon the grand opening of Bingham + Broad, a new home/decor shop in the Arts District.

Bingham-and-Broad-Memphis-6 Bingham-and-Broad-Memphis-7

The Eclectic Corner Shop“, they carry everything from furniture and home accessories to architectural artifacts, sculptures, and jewelry. Much of their inventory is supplied by local artisans, so it’s another cool way to support our local + small businesses while picking up something unique.

Bingham-and-Broad-Memphis-13 Bingham-and-Broad-Memphis-22 Bingham-and-Broad-Memphis-20 Bingham-and-Broad-Memphis-8 Bingham-and-Broad-Memphis-3 Bingham-and-Broad-Memphis-4 Bingham-and-Broad-Memphis-5 Bingham-and-Broad-Memphis-12I loved these old-school comic book posters. Great for an office or movie room.

Bingham-and-Broad-Memphis-11 Bingham-and-Broad-Memphis-18 Bingham-and-Broad-Memphis-21 Bingham-and-Broad-Memphis-19 Bingham-and-Broad-Memphis-15 Bingham-and-Broad-Memphis-16 Bingham-and-Broad-Memphis-14 Bingham-and-Broad-Memphis-17 Bingham-and-Broad-Memphis-2 Bingham-and-Broad-Memphis-1

While some of the pieces will surely be an investment, a LOT of the inventory is quite affordable and no higher than what you’d find at a big box retailer. If you’re looking for some unique decor to add to your home, swing by to check them out!

Bingham & Broad
2563 Broad Avenue
Memphis, TN 38112

Wed-Sat | 11a-6p
Sun | 11a-4p

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