Summer Fun To-Do List

I’ve been feeling antsy + in a little creative rut the past few weeks (thank god for pre-planned content!), and it finally dawned on me that it was because Summer is imminent and wanderlust is starting to set in. Also, while Spring is typically when most people have a desire to start anew in certain areas, Summer has always been the starting point for me, so I’ve decided to create a To-Do list to help freshen things up and find inspiration.

I always crave new things, new food, and really, really want to start traveling more, so while I have to plan a few things with budgetary constraints + my full-time job in mind, I figured that there’s no reason I can ‘t make a simple, fun list of things to accomplish over the next few months. I still believe in spontaneity, but having a list of things to periodically refer to will help me push myself out of this rut.

My goals for Summer 2015:

  1. Make it down to a beach, any beach (I’m in need of a tan. Badly)
  2. Read at least 15 new books (I use to read ALL the time but have been slacking bc of blogging. If you have any recommendations (new + old) please comment below so that I can compile a list to share!)
  3. Finish decorating my home office/stylist closet.
  4. Plan at least two daytrips to somewhere no more than 2-3 hours away (just to get away to explore for a few hours).
  5. Visit at least 5 new local restaurants (to me!) A few on the list:
    1. Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen
    2. Babalu
    3. The Farmer
    4. Second Line
    5. Cafe 1912
    6. McEwen’s
    7. Deja Vu
  6. Schedule a full-out pamper/spa day (nails, facials, massages, the works).
  7. Take the train for a long weekend down in NOLA (it’s only around $50 each way!)
  8. Have a local museum tour (Stax, Metal Museum, Cotton Museum, Graceland + Sun Studios. I’m a born and raised Memphian but have never had a full visit to any of these places).
  9. Travel to L.A., Philly, D.C., and/or Chicago (long shot but anything can happen!)
  10. Make time for the Orpheum Summer Movie Series (Grease, Clueless, Gone with The Wind, The Sound of Music, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show are just some of the screenings they’re having!)
  11. Visit Jones Orchard (totally didn’t know we had a place where you could pick your own fruit!)

These are just a few things I want to do this Summer. What are your plans?

Good Eats | Capriccio Grill
Local Love | Mary Claire White Candle Co.

8 Replies to “Summer Fun To-Do List”

  1. I was just saying to someone how I’ve lived in Memphis my whole life and I’ve yet to visit Graceland or some of our other touristy locations. So, that’s definitely on my list and to also spend a weekday (NOT Weekend or Tuesday) at the zoo. I haven’t been in a minute to really enjoy it.

  2. I love this list! My family has decided to each pick an activity that we have never done and enjoy it as a family. First up is a picnic at Shelby Farms. This is what my 4 year old picked and I think we are going to have a blast!

  3. This is such a cool idea I love it. I usually only plan for the kids summer and never thought of making my own list. Lots of great ideas on your list. I want to read more as well.

    1. thank you! i think we as adults get so busy working and handling business that we forget to make a little time for ourselves to have fun. hopefully you will get to do this this summer!

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