Quotes to Keep You Going

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I want to pack up this little blog, delete social media and say adios. I’m an introvert at my core, but sometimes keeping up with social media and trying to grow this blog while dealing with the disappointments that come with trying to work with other people and brands and everything else is just too much. Plus I hate all of the oversharing that I see online, and then balancing everything that goes along with blogging + business while trying to maintain a personal life makes me have a little burnout and I want to drop it all but… I can’t.


Because I REALLY DO love creating fun content and sharing new things that I find, and giving tips that can help people in some way.  This has been a great outlet for me for sooo long so I can’t really give it up. SO, in order to keep pushing through this phase (which I know is perfectly normal), I’ve found a few quotes on Pinterest to help me keep going:

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How do you get past this feeling?

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