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If I could only wear 1 beauty product every day, it would easily be mascara. Having full, lush lashes can transform a bare face and make eyes look alive even after a night of 0 sleep, so it’s a total must-have every day. I generally forego eyeliner unless I’m going out and/or want to do a cateye, so I look for mascaras that will still give me definition, volume, and actually last all day. I decided to try the L’Oréal Paris Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara ($7.99) after using it on a model at a shoot last month; I loved how it completely transformed her eyes and stayed put even though we were out in heat for a few hours. I have oily eyelids so I grabbed the waterproof version and so far it’s lived in my makeup bag since I purchased it.

I took this with the front-facing camera on my iPhone one evening (natural light) and I have a smidge of eyeliner on the bottom, but the mascara is what gave me a ton of definition.

kim thomas kpfusion beauty look

The cone-shaped 360⁰ flexor brush is what makes it so unique-it moves with you, so you can get deep down into the corner of your eyes for a truly even coat, and the smaller tip makes it easier to apply to bottom lashes without it smudging everywhere (HUGE plus for me since I MUST wear mascara on my bottom lashes. My eyes feel weird if I don’t). I like that the formula isn’t wet-it’s creamy, so it spreads easily but doesn’t make a mess. Your lashes won’t feel dry or hard, but the mascara does stay put when you’re done.

It’s been out for a year, but I tend to try products after the hype has died down so that I’m not disappointed. If you can still find them, they released a few colored ones as well. This is one that I’ll definitely be repurchasing. L'Oréal Paris Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascaras

Curl lashes, wipe off brush (to remove excess product), and apply mascara on top and under your upper lashes for an even fuller look. Formula is buildable, so depending on how much you apply, you can take your lashes from doll-like to spikey.

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