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Product Review | #Topganic Hair Mask w/Argan Oil

I’ve been blessed with hair that can reaaaally take a beating from daily heat + styling, but I still take time out to do hair masks and treatments periodically so that it can stay strong and healthy. I received  Topganic’s Hair Mask with Argan Oil ($12) and was eager to try it, not only because it was a new product for me, but because in the past, my hair has always responded well to products containing Argan Oil.

Formulated for dry and colored hair, Topganic’s hair mask is enriched with Vitamin A, Argan oil and Jojoba oil, plus other natural oils, extracts + minerals derived from the Dead Sea. It’s really thick-not quite the consistency of jelly like other masks that contain humectants, but it is thick enough to coat the hair shaft well without moving. The scent is light and clean, and while it’s a treatment mask, it can be used daily and only needs to be left on the hair for 3-5 minutes.


After using my normal shampoo in the shower, I applied the mask, let it sit for about 2 minutes, and then spent the remaining 3 detangling and smoothing it through my hair. It was very easy to use (my hair is coarse but naturally curly), and once I rinsed it out, I knew right away that my hair loved it. My hair soaked up the product, so while it was curly in its wet, natural state, it wasn’t big: my curls were actually really defined without having a lot of shrinkage, and if I wanted to, I actually could’ve skipped my leave-in conditioner and hair oil and wore it that way. I straighten my hair, however, so I added my normal products, blew it dry and flat ironed it and my hair came out super shiny and straight without being weighed down.

I took this immediately after finishing it:

360 lace wigs

Visit to learn more about the brand. Their full range of products are all individually priced under $13, so it’s luxe haircare at an affordable price.The heat and humidity in the city is brutal right now, but I haven’t had to add any oils to it; it’s still really soft and flexible without being wispy, and still holds my curls. Most of the time my hair starts to drop w/in 30 minutes of being outside bc of the humidity but I haven’t had that problem. I’m really, really excited to use it in the winter when the air is dry and cold and my hair needs that extra moisture.


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